TigerguyHi, I’m Jarrod Owen, a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been working as freelancer since 2010, creating artworks for various media, from book covers and interiors, tabletop and card games, to digital media such as games for mobile platforms.

The subjects for my work tend towards fantasy and sci-fi, where the scope for creativity is greatest. I’m very much inspired by the work of others within these genres, from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, to the Alien films, and countless video games. My style of drawing and painting has always naturally leaned towards realism, although I have a healthy appreciation of more stylized works and enjoy adapting my style to suit each project.

Outside of my personal work I take great pleasure in helping others to translate their ideas into a visual format. I love being able to take something as it exists in a client’s imagination¬†and bring it into a format where it is not only more fully realized, but easily shared with others. I also relish working within guidelines and pushing a concept as far as I can, beating expectations without straying too far from the original vision.

Ultimately it is my goal to improve and push my skills as far as I am able, to make a living creating and helping others to create.

If you would like to hire me to work on your project, please contact me using the form below. Or you can find my e-mail address near the website banner above.


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